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Disaster Response- We need adopters!

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Our staff and volunteers are working hard to juggle hurricane relief efforts on top of meeting our local community needs. There are many urgent needs created by this disaster and they will be changing all the time.  Houston and other parts of Texas are suffering greatly, and now Hurricane Irma has devastated islands in the Caribbean and is poised to hit Florida.  An unimaginable number of people and animals will need help. So far we have taken in three dogs who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey, and we expect to take more.  Calls for help are already coming in from animal shelters trying to prepare for Irma.

At this very moment, CVHS is at full capacity.  In order for us to help animals impacted by these terrible storms, we need the community to come adopt to make room!  We have so many wonderful animals waiting for their new home (our adoptable animals pages are updated in real time, take a look).  If you have been thinking of adopting, now is the time!  So many animals will need help.  Please visit us, find your new best friend and at the same time know that you have helped to save animals impacted by these hurricanes by freeing up space here at CVHS!  Thank you!

Read this great story from the Times Argus: https://www.timesargus.com/articles/humane-society-preps-for-rescue-pets/

As time passes, with your help we be evolving our role in order to help the animals who need us, while also ensuring that local animals are cared for.  We will keep you posted!