Sex: Male
Approximate Age: 1 year, 11 months
Breed Guesstimate: Mixed Breed, Medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown)/Mix
Size: Medium (43 pounds)
Neutered: Yes
Status: Available

This young dog had a rough start to life, and is looking for a calm, patient person/people, and a playful, fun dog, to help him feel safe and joyful. He was brought from Thailand by a rescue organization, and hasn't yet found the right home to meet his needs.

Tiser is shy and hesitant, and may take a couple meetings to get to know. When he's meeting someone, he likes things to be slow, and on his terms.  He LOVES to play with other dogs, and that's when you can see his true spirit.
His ideal home is with another playful dog, medium to large in size.  He needs a fenced-in yard, so he's able to run and play without the risk of bolting when something spooks him.  Loud noises and fast movements are not comfortable for him.  He has a very thin coat, and cannot spend much time outside in the winter (mostly just going out to toilet, then right back in).

A training consultation and support is included in Tiser's $350.00 adoption fee.

Please call the Adoption Center at 802-476-3811, or email, to schedule a time to talk to an adoption counselor about Tiser, and to determine if you should meet him.

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