Sex: Female
Approximate Age: 2 years, 6 months
Breed Guesstimate: Mixed Breed, Large (over 44 lbs fully grown)/Mix
Size: Large (62 pounds)
Spayed: Yes
Status: Available

Maggie is a very special dog, in search of the most special home. She has been with us since April, slowly learning to trust humans, after a rough start in South Carolina. Recently, we discovered that one of our other dogs, Evie, makes Maggie happier than anything else in the whole wide world, and we are now hoping they will find a home together. When they are together in our yards, Maggie is a different dog, more confident, brave, and actually joyful. She's more open to having people around, and we're sure this is the ticket to help her feel safe and comfortable with a new life.

Maggie is VERY shy, and we been working with her to build her trust and confidence, at her pace. We have a lot of experience working with fearful dogs, and we also utilize the expertise of some very skilled behavioral consultants, so please understand that we don't mean that Maggie is shy initially, but warms up in ten minutes. Right now, Maggie does not seek physical contact with anyone except one or two of us. She has learned to trust enough that she will now walk calmly on a leash with staff that she knows, without looking for an opportunity to run. She will sit in the yard with familiar staff, and is ok being close, may even throw a play bow at us, but is not interested in contact. We believe she will blossom eventually, growing to want loving human touch, and maybe even get comfortable with snuggles some day. But she is not a dog that you should dream of one day taking on hikes, or even walks in your neighborhood. She needs a fenced-in yard, where she can learn to feel safe and comfortable, without being pressured to do things that scare her. This sweetheart was found as a stray, in the bushes with her babies, and she deserves a new life that gives her safety and security. Could you do that? 

Maggie needs a person (or people) who lives a quiet life, is patient and kind, and does not have many visitors to their home. No children (as residents or visitors). We have no knowledge of how she would be with cats, but we know Evie cannot live around cats, so that rules it out for this pair.
Maggie arrived here heart-worm positive, and has completed her full treatment. 

We expect that it will take many introductions to Maggie before she is comfortable enough to go home with someone, so please be aware of that before you consider adding her to your home.

The adoption fee for this pair is $350.00, and includes follow-up support from a behavior consultant, as well as a training course with Evie. If you have read this far, read both profiles, given it some serious thought, and believe you can give Maggie and Evie what they need, please call the Adoption Center at 802-476-3811, or email to schedule a time to talk to an adoption counselor about them, and to determine if you should meet them.

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