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Comfort Care for Geriatric Pets Talks

Dr. Erika Bruner will be presenting two talks on this very important topic. We love our pets and want only the best for them. But as they age and develop chronic problems and terminal conditions, it becomes more of a challenge to know what “the best” really means. How do we begin to guess how they feel, and what they want? How can we maximize comfort and minimize stress— for them as well as for us, the caregivers? Can we find the beauty and meaning in connection during this challenging time?

Veterinarian Doctor Erika Bruner cares deeply about these issues and she will be presenting two programs on end-of-life and comfort care for geriatric pets at the Waterbury Public Library, the first Saturday of the month in November and December in the SAL Community Room.

Each program stands on its own, attend one or the other or both. Times are from 10-11 AM. The November 5th program addresses a general overview of end-of-life challenges for your pet and some low-tech solutions.

The December 3rd program takes a closer look at the most common question people are asking at this stage of their pets’ lives, “How do I know when it’s time?” Discussion will be about the two most common sources of distress for elderly pets (and their humans): mobility problems and cognitive problems; and how to assess quality of life.

Dr. Bruner has been a veterinarian in the Montpelier area since 2002. Her focus is on helping old pets and their people feel more comfortable and more connected. She is a certified veterinary acupuncturist and makes house calls throughout Central Vermont for end-of-life care and consultations.

These two programs address both practical as well as philosophical questions.

Check out Dr. Bruner’s Facebook event for more information.