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Help animals this holiday season

Give the greatest gift to animals in our community— a chance at their best life. Animals in need do not know about holidays, or vacations, or even weekends. All homeless animals know is they need help.

Our Holiday Appeal fundraising at the end of the year is vital so we can save animals who need us, over 1000 animals a year.

Animals like Sapphire, a local dog who came to us too skinny, with horrible red, bloody and infected skin that was painful to the touch. She also had double cherry eye, requiring medication and surgery. Despite feeling terrible, Sapphire was the sweetest dog you’d ever meet. We healed her skin with medications and special baths, we gave her surgery to repair her eyes, and we had painful teeth removed.

We gave Sapphire the best gift of all, a loving home where she is now living her best life. Your support helps make this possible!

Your gift made now will ensure we are there for needy animals like Sapphire. Thank you!