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We need Kitten Food (and cat food!)

You may have noticed, or heard, that canned kitten and cat food seems to be in short supply. Every spring, we have a “Kitten Shower” asking people to donate kitten food and supplies so we can be ready for the annual spring-summer influx of kittens. This year, we are asking early since it might take awhile to gather enough supplies to make it through.

Every year we typically care for over 700 felines, 400 or more of whom are kittens. That is a lot of mouths to feed! Right now we are asking if people could donate kitten or cat food. We would so appreciate it of you could shop at our local businesses who also support CVHS-  Agway, Guy’s Farm and Yard, and One Stop Country Pet Supply (please drop donations off on our front porch). 

We have a wish list on Chewy as well.Unfortunately Chewy does not tell us who made the donation so we cannot send a proper thank you.
If you would like us to send you a thank you note for your gift, please forward your Chewy confirmation email to info@centralvermonthumane.org.

We do not have any kittens up for adoption at this moment. Once the kittens start coming, they will be in high demand.  If you will be interested in a kitten in the future, please contact us to get on our “Kitten Waiting List.” Give us a call, leave a message at 476-3811 and leave your name, phone number and email. Even better, email us at info@centralvermonthumane.org and we can send you our Adopter Information Form for you to fill out ahead of time. You can also find the form on our website here as well as our current adoption processes.

Thank you for supporting Central Vermont Humane Society!