Adoption procedure to adopt a CVHS cat who is residing at the Kitty Korner Cafe in Barre:

At CVHS, it’s all about making the right match between an animal and a potential adoptive person or family. For that reason, we ask that your entire family be on board with the adoption decision. We do not have “applications” to adopt our animals. We do collect some basic information about you and we ask you to participate in a survey that helps us understand what you are looking for in a pet. The adoption process at CVHS is open, positive, and informative. Our goal is to help you find a pet whose personality is a good match for your lifestyle, and find families for our animals whose lifestyles fit all of their needs. We do require the adopter to be 18 years old or older, and must have proof of a valid ID.

First step towards adoption- If you have spent time with a feline at the Kitty Korner Cafe, or saw him/her on our website and are interested in adoption, please call us at 476-3811 to make an appointment to talk with an adoption counselor.  We will want to review your info on our Cat Adopter Survey form – filling it out ahead of time is very helpful. You can also ask the Kitty Korner Cafe folks for these forms. This initial call will take about 30 minutes so we can be sure to make a great match.

If it is a good match between you and the kitty:

  • You will need to come to CVHS to finalize the adoption agreement paperwork, review that particular animal’s medical records, and process the adoption fee payment. The Kitty Korner Cafe staff is not trained, and is not involved in any way, in the process of adopting a cat from Central Vermont Humane Society.
  • We are unable to place any “Hold” on animals, and strive to do same-day adoptions.
    We will schedule a time (same-day) to complete paperwork physically at our Adoption Center (1589 Vermont Route 14S. East Montpelier, VT). We will follow all COVID protocols, adn we ask that you wear a mask when you come to your appointment.
  • Once all the adoption steps have been completed, a Central Vermont Humane Society staff member will speak to the manager at the Kitty Korner Cafe to tell them the particular cat’s adoption has been processed, and who will be returning to the Kitty Korner Cafe to pick up that particular cat.
  • Adopters should arrive back at the Kitty Korner Cafe with the verification paperwork given to them from Central Vermont Humane Society to show proof of ownership of said cat.
  • Neither Central Vermont Humane Society nor Kitty Korner Cafe are able to provide any services of boarding or “holding” animals.

Not an Adoption Match- If there isn’t a match at the time you talk to an adoption counselor, we will hold your Cat Adopter Information Form in our form book for 6 months so we can reach out to you if we see a match, or if you meet another feline later that interests you. We only hold them for 6 months due to the large volume of forms we get of folks wanting to adopt!

General Adoption Facts!

  • Remember, many of the animals available for adoption at CVHS come to us with little known history. It can be difficult to determine the age and/or breed of an animal. Many of our animals are very mixed breed, or a veterinarian has estimated an age range for us. However, our animal listing system requires that we choose a date of birth as well as a breed. Please ask an Adoption Counselor for more information about the particular animal for which you have interest.
  • All cats are to leave Kitty Korner Cafe in a cat carrier that can securely lock and keep the cat safe until the arrival to the adopter’s home. No one will be able to leave with a cat in their arms, a box, or any other non-cat carrier. While at the Central Vermont Humane Society Adoption Center to complete your adoption, you can purchase a cat carrier for $7 for cardboard and $20 for plastic, along with many other cat related items! (No sales tax!)
  • While completing the adoption paperwork at the Central Vermont Humane Society Adoption Center, everyone is required to wear a face mask, and to comply with social distancing and any other COVID-19 requirements per the Governor of Vermont. The building is closed to the public for safety reasons, so the paperwork will be processed in the parking lot.
  • Central Vermont Humane Society staff and volunteers will be at Kitty Korner Cafe daily, as felines need us humans to feed, clean, and provide for them. You may see a feline leave the Kitty Korner Cafe due to her/him being overwhelmed in this environment, or due to needing medical care (preventive or for illness); please respect our decisions, and those humans working with our cats. If you see a cat of interest leaving, please reach out to us, but know the person physically removing the cat from the Kitty Korner Cafe may not know the circumstances.
  • Meet Your Match (MYM) is the adoption survey we use (located on the back of the Cat Adopter Information Form) to help us match the feline to the adopter. Here’s information about the MYM program. -You could be gazing at the animal of your dreams, but you just can’t tell what she’s thinking behind that furry face. What if you knew a little something about her personality and habits before you moved in together? The Meet Your Match program is the only method in existence today that evaluates an animal’s behavior and interests, and matches them to an adopter’s preferences, so that you take home a pet you can really click with.

Let’s start the initial adoption process! 

Contact Central Vermont Humane Society 802-476-3811 or [email protected]

Hours of operation Tuesday-Saturday, by appointment only.

Adoptions are processed by appointments only.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we are not open for casual viewers and all adoptions are being processed by appointments only, primarily over the phone, with signing of paperwork outside, while practicing COVID-19 safety guidelines.