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Kitty Korner Cafe

We are so happy to announce that our partnership with the Kitty Korner Cafe in Barre is open!  The first cafe of its kind in Vermont, the Kitty Korner Cafe not only offers coffee, pastries, and more, but it will showcase adoptable kitties from CVHS.  The Cafe will allow us to save more kitty lives by providing more space to rescue more cats, a very good thing!

The owner of the cafe, Alexis Dexter, has worked with us extensively to ensure the cats have a safe and secure living space, and procedures in place to keep the kitties happy and healthy.  CVHS staff and volunteers will be on site every morning to clean and assess how the cats are doing. Only staff from CVHS will handle adoptions.

All reservations, or questions about the menu, operating hours, or other questions pertaining to the Cafe must be made through the Kitty Corner Cafe; their phone is 802-479-1498.

We are happy to answer questions about our cats, but please do not call CVHS with questions about the cafe. Check out our cat adoption pages to read more about the cats at the cafe.

1. Reservations must be made via phone (802-479-1498) or in person.
2. Bookings are for half hour time slots with a break between each slot so the the lounge can be cleaned and sanitized to CDC and CVHS specifications.
3. Pricing is currently set to $5 per person per half hour. All proceeds go toward improving and maintaining the lounge for our kitties and human guests, not to CVHS.
4. Group sizes are limited. All guests will be required to leave a name and phone number per COVID 19 guidelines in case of an outbreak in the area.
5. Some cats in the lounge are owned by the Cafe, and are not available for adoption. For the adoptable cats, all adoptions are handled by CVHS, and we must be contacted directly to proceed.
6. Adoptions will be done only during CVHS operating hours and with an appointment for a phone consultation.  If you are interested in adopting, please call us at 802-476-3811.

You will need to come to the CVHS Adoption Center in order to adopt.