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Microchip Special

From May to September, we are offering microchips at a reduced fee of only $25! With warm weather starting to show up in Vermont, we typically see an increase in pets running at large out in the community. Typically, these are owned animals who happened to find a good springtime smell, and wander off. For the next few warm months, CVHS would like to help animals have permanent identification, so for the next few months we are running a special on microchipping your pet.  Give us a call at 802-476-3811 to set up a microchip appointment. From May through September our fee for this service will be reduced to $25, which includes implantation and registration of the microchip. We use 24Petwatch microchip company, and it’s a universal mini microchip that is smaller than a grain of rice. A microchip is not a GPS and does not emit any information. A special scanner is used to read the microchip information which includes a pet person’s name and contact information.
So, if your pet was out wandering, picked up by a citizen or animal control officer, and brought to us or a veterinarian office, we can scan the microchip and find the owner information! Collars and tags unfortunately often fall off, or maybe the dog is not wearing one. A microchip never falls off and can speed up the reunion time of a dog (or cat) with their family. It is an easy way to insure your pet can find their way home if they wander off.

Found a stray? Contact your local animal control officer listed on your towns website or give us a call (802) 476-3811 and we can help you determine where the stray should be scanned for a microchip, and held until the owners can be located, and pick up the animal. Pictured is Ellie, an available dog who’s microchipped and up for adoption!