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We need Kitten food and supplies!

Summer means sun, fun, and… kittens!  CVHS will need to care for hundreds of “babies” – kittens – this summer into Fall. Some kittens are orphans, and need round-the-clock bottle feeding of Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR).  Other kittens arrive with their nursing momma cats. All need food, litter, and tender loving care.  We need your help to care for all of these vulnerable little lives, so we are having a virtual Kitten Shower, we need supplies!  Can you help?

Most urgently needed:
– Canned kitten food – any brand as long as it says for kittens
– Dry kitten food – any brand but would prefer no red dye
– Cat litter
– KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer)

Please consider purchasing supplies at local businesses who support CVHS as a way to thank them – One Stop Country Pet Supply in Berlin, Montpelier Agway, and Guy’s Farm & Yard in Montpelier. Tell them CVHS sent you!

You can put donations on the CVHS front porch anytime.  There is also a correspondence drop box for monetary donations on the wall next to our front door. Staff check the porch and the drop box  regularly.

Or go to our Amazon wish list if you would like to have supplies sent directly to the CVHS Adoption Center.

Monetary donations are very welcome to help pay for special vet care kittens might need.

Everyone here at CVHS thanks you, especially the kittens we save!