jesseStatement from Mary Taylor, CVHS Executive Director:

“For 50 years, CVHS has been working to become a strong and stable organization, one that is fiscally sound and a leader in the community: a place where families come to find pets and to strengthen their bond with animals by volunteering, fostering, training, fundraising and collaborating with other like-minded folks dedicated to saving more animals. This year has been the strongest we have had in that half century.”


Statement from Erika Holm, President:

“This past year has seen many new folks joining our compassionate community — board members, volunteers, employees, and donors. We’re all here to have a positive impact on animals’ lives, and none of us could do it alone. Together we are incredible, and we make a huge difference.”


Statement from Rachael Beuchler, Treasurer:

All financial decisions that are made at CVHS seek a balance between our financial sustainability and the resources and tools needed to achieve the CVHS mission and provide the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare for every animal in our care. We could not give the level of care, treatment and humane education we currently do without the support of the Board of Directors, the staff, volunteers, and donors.”


The entire 2014 Annual Report, covering July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014, is available here:  CVHS 2014 Annual Report