CVHS Board of Directors

Sandy Meyerhofer, President
Rick Yeiser, Vice President
Cathy Shires, Treasurer
Lolly Cochran, Secretary
Kristin Dearborn
Cara Gorman
Carolyn Grodinsky
Ryan Kriger
Meredith Sumner

CVHS Staff

Beginning July 1, 2022, we operate under a shared and equitable leadership model. Read our press release for more information.

Laurie Garrison, Co-Executive Director, Finance & Development 476-3811 x102
Erika Holm, Co-Executive Director, Programs and Operations 476-3811 x103
Jen Delaney, Co-Executive Director, Adoption Center and Animal Care 476-3811 x108
Sara Schrum, Development Manager, 476-3811 x105
Shannon, Adoption Counselor, 476-3811 x101
Bella, Adoption Counselor, 476-3811 x101
Jess, Adoption Counselor, 476-3811 x101
Ana Maria, Adoption Counselor, 476-3811 x101
Terri, Development Assistant, 476-3811 x104
Brock, Shelter Agent, 476-3811
Sadie, Shelter Agent, 476-3811

Linnea has retired, please contact Laurie or Terri