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Dental Disease and Your Pet’s Health

Dental health is an important part of your pet’s overall health. Having a clean, healthy mouth not only makes your pet’s breath smell better, it can help him or her live a longer, happier life. Animals who do not yet have any significant dental disease benefit most from preventative measures. To learn more about dental disease and your pet’s health, click here.


Plan Ahead for Veterinary Expenses

Veterinary care can be very expensive if you are not prepared.  Planning ahead is important but not always possible.  If your dog or cat suddenly needs expensive medical treatment that you cannot afford, credit cards, foundations, and funds set up just for that purpose might help.  Some require proof of income, while others help only specific breeds.  Start by asking your veterinarian if he or she knows of any programs in your area.

Preventative Care: Spending money now will save you money later.  Feed your pet an appropriate high quality diet, don’t over-feed, and make sure she’s getting plenty of exercise.  Visit your veterinarian at least annually to discuss vaccines, preventative medicine, and any questions and concerns that you may have.

Saving: Try putting a small piece of each paycheck into a special account just for your animals.  Start now—some veterinarians will be more willing to reduce a bill or discuss financing options if you can offer even $10 to $20 immediately.

Give Back: Whether it’s your local veterinarian or a special fund who helped you in your time of need, remember to give back when you are able.  Vet care can be expensive for everyone!

For a printable list of resources that may be able to help with veterinary costs, click here: Financial Assistance Organizations