We are so glad people like you are out there caring about the animals. It’s important that everyone work together to help protect animals.

The first step is to report suspected cruelty or neglect to:


CVHS receives notification of reports of suspected animal cruelty or neglect for Washington County, Vermont only. All reports from other counties are sent to the lead agency in the appropriate county. CVHS has a volunteer Humane Advocate who follows up on reports in Washington County within 72 hours. Please report emergencies requiring immediate attention to your local law enforcement.

Click HERE to learn more about Vermont’s Animal Cruelty Laws.

Vermont’s Cruelty Response System

CVHS is part of Vermont’s Cruelty Response System, a collaboration of all the agencies and individuals necessary to ensure animal welfare laws are enforced.

Key objectives of the network include:

  • Provide a centralized call number and website for complaints of cruelty and neglect.
  • Ensure complaints are investigated in a timely manner.
  • Remove animals from dangerous situations.
  • Education offenders.
  • Education the public.
  • Facilitate prosecution.