We are very excited to announce that after a collaborative effort between staff, board, volunteers and supporters we have a new three-year Strategic Plan which will guide and focus our work. Creating this plan put a spotlight on the fact that so much of what we do is above and beyond for the animals and people in our community.

Our priority goals include:
-Save every adoptable animal who comes through our doors
-Reduce the number of homeless and at risk companion animals
-Provide extra-mile medical care and behavioral support for the animals in our care
-Be a leading companion animal resource in the community

Another key focus of our Strategic Plan is to grow our fundraising program. A few years ago, CVHS decided to make the leap to provide exceptional care to every animal who comes to us. We firmly believe this is the right thing to do. However there was no real plan on how to fund these extraordinary efforts for the animals. As a result, CVHS has been running at a significant financial deficit. We took the leap of faith for the animals, and we must now reach out to our already generous communities for even more financial help. We hope that people like you will take a leap of faith in us and help us keep our promise to the animals!

CVHS 2017-2019 Strategic Plan