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Support H.626/S.292

June 10- Update- H.626 has been signed by Gov. Scott! Such happy news for animals in Vermont!. Thank you everyone who contacted your legislators, your voices were heard and you made a difference! We couldn’t have done it without you.

We send special thanks to lead sponsors in the House Rep. Chea Waters Evans, Rep. Mike Rice, Rep. Katherine Sims, and Senator Anne Watson, sponsor in the Senate and key advocate of this bill. We also thank House Ag chair David Durfee, House Gov Ops chair Mike McCarthy, and Gov Ops chair Sen. Ruth Hardy for their hard work on this bill.

If you are a constituent of any of the above, please send them a short email of thanks. They will appreciate it! You can find their contact info here- https://legislature.vermont.gov/.

H.626/S.292 is an important bill that will help animals and people in Vermont. Read the bill here.

Currently, protections for animals are spread across many agencies in our state, making for a system that is fragmented, inefficient, and most importantly, ineffective. The intent of H.626 is to create a Division of Animal Welfare which will develop, implement, and administer a centralized program for investigating and enforcing animal welfare laws in Vermont.