Honoring Our Planned Giving Legacy Donors

best buds-rbWe are grateful and honored to carry on the legacy of those individuals who have included CVHS in their estate plans through beneficiary designations, wills or other planned gifts.  To recognize and thank them during and after their lifetime for their timeless commitment to our work, we have established the Companion Legacy Society

When you inform us that you have made a planned gift to benefit CVHS, regardless of the size, you automatically become a valued member of our Companion Legacy Society. You’ll be part of a compassionate community of people who feel as you do – that every animal deserves a chance at life and a loving home – and that pets enrich our human lives and communities beyond measure.  

As a member, you can become involved in the ongoing life of CVHS through exclusive activities and events like annual gatherings and tours. With your permission, you will be recognized in our Annual Report and in our shelter facility. 

If you wish your intention to remain anonymous, please let us know.

To become a complimentary member of the Companion Legacy Society, please click here to download our simple enrollment form indicating your gift intentions.   

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and timeless commitment to help needy animals and our community for years to come.

Ways to Make
a Planned Gift