Every day, homeless animals rely on Central Vermont Humane Society – for food, shelter and medical care – and to find new loving homes. Your kindness and generosity make that possible. An especially convenient and impactful way to support CVHS is by making a monthly gift. Together with a growing number of other Faithful Friend Monthly Donors, you will provide an important, steady stream of income that CVHS can rely on to save animals – every day.


Why donate monthly?

  • Convenience – It’s easy to set up an automatic monthly donation using your credit card – either online via our website or by calling our office. Or set up direct payment from your bank account and avoid credit card fees so that 100% of your gift goes to CVHS.
  • Budget Friendly – Spread out your giving throughout the year. Many people find this enables them to give more than when they make a single gift once a year.
  • Flexible – You can make changes at any time. If your monthly gift is by credit card, just contact our office to update your gift amount or credit card information (including new expiration dates or card numbers).
  • Heartwarming stories – Four times a year, we will send you (via email if possible to save costs) a newsletter with a set of heartwarming stories of pets you have helped.  Since you donate monthly, you will receive fewer fundraising letters in the mail because we know we can count on your support throughout the year.
  • Year-end tax statement – Once a year in January we will send you a record of your prior year’s giving that details all your gifts for that year including amounts, date of gift, and whether it was a check, cash or an online donation.
  • Greater impact through steady support – Know that you are providing continuous and steady support to help animals every day.

We’re happy to answer questions and help you get started. Contact Linnea at [email protected] or 802-476-3811 x110

Thank you for being a Faithful Friend!

“Monthly giving is easier for us and provides money that CVHS can depend on to keep saving animals.”  – Mike and Lisa, Faithful Friend Monthly Donors